Phil Boylan, the founder of Podium Finish is an avid runner who established the brand back in October 2020.

Having completed a large number of races using caffeine-based chews and gels and having struggled with the chews sticking to teeth or the gels leaking on his hands, he soon pondered on an idea.

That idea was that energy delivery for athletes could not only be done better, it could be done in a way that released energy in a more consistent manner using earth friendly ingredients. Whilst caffeine chews did deliver great impact energy, it also caused dips in staying power and post-race jitters when consumed in a chew or gel format.

To get round this, the product design needed to factor in something that was simple to use, with no mess and the ability to be popped in the mouth and left to do its thing.

Initially the Podium Finish lozenge was destined to be a caffeine based energy lozenge but having researched the athletic benefits of the Ashwagandha plant alongside its mood boosting properties its inclusion into this unique product was a no brainer!

The Podium Finish Lozenge was born.