Question – When should I use my lozenge?
Answer – For short work outs take 2 lozenges 15/20 mins before. For longer work outs take 2 lozenges 15 mins before then one more lozenge 15 mins in.

Question – What allergens are present in the Podium Finish lozenge? 

Answer – Our lozenges contain menthol as the only allergen. Our lozenges are vegan friendly, gluten free and contain no nuts, milk or soya.  

Question – How much caffeine is in each lozenge?
Answer – 50mg. This is equivalent to a small cup of coffee

Question – How much ashwagandha is in each lozenge?
Answer – 330mg.

Question -Will these fit into my training belt?
Answer – Absolutely.

Question – How long does the lozenge take to absorb?
Answer – Our formula ensures a release of the active ingredients within 5-7 minutes of consumption.

Question – Is ashwagandha approved by the UK athletic commission?
Answer – Of course, the UK anti-doping agency has confirmed that ashwagandha is a natural herb and is permitted in sport.

Question – Are there any side effects to caffeine?
Answer – Caffeine has a small number of side effects and should be limited if you are pregnant.

Question – Where are your lozenges manufactured?
Answer – Our lozenges are made here in the UK. 

Question – Can anyone use ashwagandha?
Answer – Ashwagandha should not be taken if you are pregnant, have had surgery within the last two weeks, have recently taken sleep sedatives or suffer from multiple sclerosis, arthritis, lupus, hyperthyroidism, hemochromatosis or diabetes.

Question – Do you deliver outside of the UK?
Answer – Not at the moment.

Question – Are these vegan/gluten free/halal?
Answer – Yes. 

Question – Standard delivery times? 
Answer – We aim to fulfill orders within 24 hours and have our lozenges posted out for delivery within 3-5 working days.