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First up is the Podium Finish Lozenge review by the guys over at First Place Tri. Dylan, a passionate triathlete and owner of this fantastic training and sports nutrition blog has kindly reviewed our lozenges and put them through their paces. Dylan gives his opinion on why Podium Finish is a triathletes one stop shop for energy supplementation.


Running coach and athlete Harry Lancaster provides a full Podium Finish Lozenge review. Harry’s personal achievements include running 15:49 in a solo 5K Time Trial, completing a 60k Mountainous Ultra-Marathon in the Lake District and placing 42nd out of 49621 athletes at the Great North Run 2021. 


Minty Fresh! Often with mint products, the strength of the mint flavoring is weak or at least, short-lasting. The flavour of the lozenge here didn’t dissipate at all through consumption and stayed for a good while after providing a sense of freshness


Podium Finish prides itself on its slow-release formula providing a solid boost to your entire run or workout. I found this to be the case during my trial run of 8km, illustrated by it being my best run since my return from injury! Throughout the run, I felt full of energy despite only consuming two of the lozenges with nothing else before it. A big thumbs up in this area!


Often known as winter cherry or Indian ginseng, Ashwagandha is an ingredient which feels almost new and fresh to the energy product market. I certainly hadn’t experienced or heard of it before to my knowledge. I was surprised to see after some quick research, that the herb provides a vast array of health benefits. These include potentially decreasing stress/anxiety, potentially reducing depression like symptoms & reducing inflammation amongst many others. It seems Podium Finish are onto something here with this impressive plant and I’m glad to discover it!


The packaging looks very smart, I’m a fan of the color scheme and the clear-cellophane wrapping for each individual lozenge. Sometimes with hard, potentially sticky like products, they can stick to the packaging, but these were absolutely fine and came out easily.


Personally, I love the fact this product isn’t a “shove and go” like so many. As the lozenge is a hard brittle like structure, it takes a few minutes to get through it, which is more enjoyable. Of course, there is an argument some may want the quicker approach found with a gel for example, but for those wanting a more pleasurable experience when it comes to pre-run nutrition/energy and something more longer-lasting, look no further. 


A pack of seven lozenges retails for £5.49 which is in line with the market for an energy-type product aimed at athletes.


Overall, I highly rate this product and would definitely use it again. Looking forward to seeing Podium Finish develop over the next few months/years

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Podium Finish Lozenge


Out early for a shortish long one today, powered by Podium Finish at 5km (too excited to wait) and 15km, great energy boost!


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